Deer Skin Suede 28 different colours 1.0/1.6mm

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This is a soft leather made from the underside of the deer skin. It is as strong as cow suede but suppler and smoother and its generally used for clothing, footwear, and bags. 

Colours: Black, Midnight, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Orange, Tan, Ochre, Salmon, Burgundy, Oxblood, Aubergine

Thickness: 1.0/1.6mm

Size: Whole Deer Hide (12 square feet) 

Rigidity: Soft pliable spongy

Grain: Fine suede

Dye: Aniline

Uses: Garment, Footwear, Bags, Cushions.


Please expect some variation in thickness between colours, please enquire if you have specific needs.