Anilux Smooth Chrome Cow Sides Mahogany, Tan 2.4mm

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Anilux Smooth is a smooth grain, pliable, chrome tanned leather from Brazil. It has a buttery feel and luxurious appearance. Available in sides in 2.5mm thickness. Perfect for bags and fine leather goods.


Colours: Mahogany, Tan

Thickness: 2.2 – 2.5mm

Cut: Sides

Average size: 22 square feet

Rigidity:Thick Pliable

Grain: Smooth

Dye: Aniline

Finishing: Satin

Uses: Straps, Bags, Small leather goods, Footwear, Aprons, Pet/Animal Accessories, Keychains, Pouches, Bookbinding, Stationery, Corporate Gifts and Accessories