Perforated Goat Skin | Silver | 0.8mm | 5 - 6 sq.ft | $55 ea.

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Limited Availability

Kid is a non stretchy pliable, chrome tanned leather. Available in whole skins in 0.8-0.9mm. 

Colours: Silver

Thickness: 0.8-0.9mm 

Size: Whole skins (5 - 6 square feet)

Rigidity: Thin pliable, not stretchy

Grain: Perforated 3.0mm between holes

Finishing: Metallic

Uses: Footwear, Clothing, Hats, Wallets, Watch straps, Book binding.

Please note: This product is subject to availability and may have inconsistencies in the finishing, irregular shapes and other imperfections. All sales are final, we do not accept returns for this product.