Sovereign Upholstery Full Hides | 1.2mm | 4.8 sq.m

This range of leather is a beautiful soft tanned, waxy Semi Aniline with a natural appearance and is produced on only the best quality hides. Our Sovereign range is available in a multitude of elegant and vibrant colours. It is a full bodied leather thus giving a rich, supple feel. Due to the high end finish on the hides, this leather is very durable and suitable for use in high traffic areas and heavy use commercial and residential applications.

Colours:94 different colours 

Thickness: 1.2 – 1.4 mm

Size: Full Hide (4.8-5.0 square meters)

Rigidity: Soft, pliable

Finishing: Semi Aniline

Uses: Upholstery, Clothing, Wall Panels, Curtains

All colors are indent and comes directly from the tannery. Please enquire about availability and lead times. 

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